Queen of the Impromptu Hiatus.

Old (bad) blog habits die hard, I guess.

The truth of the matter is, I have so many cats to let out of the bag that I don't even really know where to start, or how, without brutally pummeling you with a deluge of information. When I said I knew this year would look 1000% different than it did when it began, even *I* didn't realize the full extent of that statement's truth.

On the other hand, I believe in jinxes. I believe in cosmic sabotage. I have had so many life experiences that culminated in me prematurely counting on or being excited about X, Y, and Z things that then promptly blew up in my face as soon as I started talking about them that I try and practice personal gag orders until I am so beyond sure that the thing is happening that typically the thing is actually already squarely in motion.

So I fell off the face of the blogosphere as the cavalcade of life changes came barreling towards me at warp speed, all the while praying to whatever deity or corner of the universe that may give a damn that the good things will stick, that the promises will keep, and that I am capable and worthy of my luck changing. I am in no way being hyperbolic when I say that not a single area of my life has gone untouched. 

Well, one area has. But that's fine because that's the choice I'm making.

So I'm sorry for going dark. I've been taking photos, even #dailyspanx ones. I've been documenting. Jotting notes. Sharing tiny bits though various social media channels. Writing in my head, yet never quite sitting down to get it to screen ... though sometimes I get the rough draft to actual, real, dead-tree-paper. Suffice it to say most of that stuff won't see the light of day, but it's out beyond my cranium and that's what matters, right?

I will get back into the swing of this. I have to -- too many of these New Things require as much of me, at minimum.

instagram/@tabathaetc (with art quote from @amyturnsharp)

instagram/@tabathaetc (with art quote from @amyturnsharp)

And to be completely honest, it's almost starting to feel really fucking good to have things to look forward to, for a change.