The Daily Spanx: Tunic As A Dress Edition.


The sun has (actually) come out. 

The wind can still be pretty chilly, and the shade is defintely still a bit brisk.

But it's spring, finally.

Which means there's daylight outside when I come home from work.

That I want to bask in.

And maybe even prance in, a little.

But it also means in my joyous glee, I make dumbass impulse choices like wearing a tunic as if it's a dress. To work.

I have a 35.5" inseam. This makes basic tasks like sitting, or bending over to pick something up off of the floor, damn near impossible.

Good thing I don't have much shame when it comes to wearing short skirts.

Though I was definitely glad I double-layered the Spanx that day.

I thought I'd do it for warmth, because my office does get pretty chilly no matter the temperature outside.

But added bonus of covering my ineptitude and ... assets.

While not squishing down other curves.

I think it's still a win, even if I ended up giving half of my town the illusion of a show.

I honestly have worn much less in public before. And probably will again. 

My body, my rules, y'all. 


Tunic/Dress: unknown (most recent haul from a local clothes swap)

Sweater: Old Navy (similar)

Necklace: can't remember I've had it so long

Earrings: Target

Scarf: handmade by a friend

Hat: H&M (similar)

Boots: Jessica Simpson Beagan (similar style)

Bra: Natori True Decadence Full Figure Contour Demi Underwire Bra

Spanx: Slimmer and Shine Open Bust Bodysuit and Tight End Tights in Currant