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Here's the official bio:

Tabatha Wharton Muntzinger is as bright as her currently sunset-esque mermaid hair. A diverse Millennial writer/blogger in Dayton, OH specializing in home renovation, feminist theory and all things postmodern housewifery, Tabatha is a walking billboard for third wave feminism. Her background in Sociology and Gender Studies give her keen insight to the daily grind of motherhood which she highlights in her insightful, raw and honest blogs. Her writing has been featured on as well as various other blogs/sites, and her house has featured on The Snug, This Old House, HomeTalk, and as well as various home decor and DIY blogs. She was the recipient of the BlogHer 2014 Photo of The Year Award in the category of Selfie for an image from her participation in the #365feministselfie Instagram project, which is ongoing to this day. SheKnows recently included another of her selfies in a listicle about hair, which she takes as a decent compliment.

Tabatha weaves eloquent stories from the material of daily life that cut to the heart of issues that plague women across the nation including divorce and infidelity, raising special needs children, coping with mental and chronic illness, and living on a socioeconomic divide on her personal blog Tabulous.. Her house blog, Turn Right At Lake Michigan, is the place to go for the trials and tribulations of two kids right out of college buying a house and renovating it themselves, while getting married, collecting pets, making/raising a family, and getting divorced sprinkled throughout. 

In her non-digital life, she is a single mom to her son, Kiedis (kee-diss) and daughter, Tova (toe-vah) and the main herder of five cats and two dogs in a 1250 square foot 117 year old home in it's 8th year of DIY renovation. She works for a theatre non-profit which combines many of her passions and loves into a cause she truly believes in. In her near-non-existent free time, she enjoys running, lyra (aerial hoop), and yoga as well as dreaming and scheming about damn near everything. She has run two half marathons and thinks that's pretty effing good for a while, thanks.

Her favorite color is purple, she loves coffee and good company, and fashion is her weakness. You can usually find her putzing around Instagram – but be warned, her feed is 85% selfies, with children and/or cats/dogs here and there for good measure.


I am writing a book in the method of Jennifer Lawson, save for the hotel stays. So, you know, look for it sometime in 2025. Ish.


If you like trainwrecks and strong language, you've found the right place.